1. I'm Going All Out!
    Kamal Imani and Ayesha Wright

  2. Music Business 101-Independent Artist AudioBook
    Kamal Imani

  3. Street Astrologer (Spoken Word)
    Kamal Imani

  4. Bhangra Supreme Work out and Dance Party Volume 2
    DJ Kamal Supreme

  5. Download Jesus!

  6. Supreme Workout Music

  7. Get Your Praise Dance & Workout On! (Christian Work Out Music)

  8. You're a Miracle!
    Kamal Imani

  9. You Are Genius! By Kamal Imani
    Kamal Imani

  10. Sanctified Sister

  11. His Name is Jesus-Spoken Word

  12. Bless The Mic! Spoken Word Poetry
    Kamal Imani Emanuel

  13. Music Business 101: The Show Must Go On
    Kamal Imani

  14. The Testimony of a Nappy Headed Boy-Spoken Word Poetry
    Kamal Emanuel

  15. Higher! (Holy Hip Hop, Gospel & Spoken Word))

  16. You Got The Victory!
    Kamal Victorious

  17. We Are Ascending (Gospel-House)
    Kamal Emmanuel

  18. Keep On Movin-AfroSoulMix

  19. Built For This LIfe
    Kamal Supreme

  20. The New Hustlers Anthem
    Kamal Supreme

  21. Bhangra Supreme Workout & Dance Party Volume 1
    DJ Kamal Supreme

  22. I'm Feeling Some Kind of Way
    Kamal Supreme aka Kamal Imani

  23. Child of The Most High
    KamalSupreme aka Kamal Imani

  24. Reporting Live From The Hood!
    KamalSupreme aka Kamal Imani

  25. You're My Future

  26. Let's Rock The House Tonight!
    KamalSupreme aka Kamal Imani

  27. I Could Be Your Destiny by Destiny Cruzado

  28. I Met This Lady From Soho

  29. Built Like That! Hip Hop Work Out Music
    KamalSupreme aka Kamal Imani

  30. I'm Worthy

  31. Move That Body Dance and Work Out Song

  32. Release The Alien!(Electro Dance Hit)
    KamalSupreme aka Kamal Imani

  33. Release the Alien

  34. Happy Valentines Day Music Gift
    Kamal Supreme

  35. Girl You Fire (Hot Girl)
    Kamal Supreme

  36. A Young Thugs Pain!
    Kamal Imani aka KamalSupreme

  37. Keep The Fiyyah Burning!

  38. Dance Mix-You Know You Want Some of All a This"

  39. They Call Me Hustle Man (You Know You Want Some of All of This)
    Kamal Imani aka KamalSupreme

  40. Just Shine!
    Kamal Supreme

  41. It's Time To Celebrate (2012)

  42. From Day One-acapella

  43. Yo, I Copped A New Whip/Chick

  44. RevolutionaryArt Volume 2
    Kamal Supreme aka Kamal Imani

  45. SpokenWord Raw & Uncut (Got Poetry?)Got Soul?
    Kamal Imani aka Kamal Supreme feat Eastern Philosophy Poets

  46. Happy Kwanzaa

  47. Jump The Broom Wedding Songs

  48. Up in the Attic (Old School Hip Hop Movie Soundtrack)
    Various Artist

  49. Blast Off Youth Message

  50. Muslima Remix

  51. The Elevated Places
    Kamal Emani

  52. Almighty Isis Remix

  53. Nappy Soul

  54. Hot and Steady Supreme Dance Workout Party

  55. Supreme Workout Dance Party

  56. Spoken Word Singles
    Kamal Imani

  57. Increase the Energy

  58. You Got the Power!

  59. You Gotta Praise Him!

  60. You Look So Sexy Dancehall Version

  61. You Work It Girl!

  62. Work That Body Get it In!

  63. The State of the Black Nation (2012)


Kamal Emanuel Teaneck, New Jersey

Kamal Imani is an internationally known dance music producer, spoken word performance poet and hip hop lyricist. Kamal fuses his creative lyricism with dance, Bhangra, Reggae, Dancehall and hip hop beats!

cipherkam@gmail.com or contact Mr. Kevin Barksdale at 201-923-921
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