Rise Up and Shine! HipHopPoetryMix

by Kamal Emanuel

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released September 24, 2016



all rights reserved


Kamal Emanuel Teaneck, New Jersey

Kamal Supreme is an internationally known Hip Hop Legend and dance music producer, spoken word performance poet and hip hop lyricist. Kamal fuses his creative lyricism with dance, Bhangra, Reggae, Dancehall and hip hop beats!
cipherkam@gmail.com or contact Mr. Kevin Barksdale at 201-923-921
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Track Name: Kamal Imani - Rise Up and Shine Hip Hop Mix
If you’re not internationally, universally and culturally educated enough to participate on the world stage with a diversified population
Then you shouldn’t be put in a so-called foreign situation
Our people have had enough stagnation and evolutionary retardation because of your false white supremacist God complex
You’re dealing in scarcity, when God has given us a planet filled with prosperity and abundance.
There’s enough to go around, so why do you have to discriminate and gun us down, and from most of your people, we don’t hear a sound

Well, this is how it’s going down, we’re going to participate more in the political system, we’re going to realize the power of our community’s economics, we’re going to defend ourselves and most of all we’re going to love and respect each other again
Yes, we’re gonna
“Rise up and shine”

You don’t like us in this nation, you want us back to Africa, give us reparations
Brothers and Sisters, we now gotta be tight like Siamese’
Protect and elevate the Black Woman and to my gangsters, it’s time for peace
We built this land, picking cotton with our hands, you raped our woman and man and separated our fam-ilies—please
Understand, somethings wrong with your psyche, fear of us rising and running this society
We’re not the ones for you to point the fingers at? We fought in every war to keep your enemies back
We’re not the ones outsourcing your careers
So we’re gonna get stronger “We ain’t going no where” we’re gonna
“rise up and shine’