Spoken Word Poetry Street Astrologer

by Kamal Imani

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Enjoy this collection of raw, unadulterated spoken word poetry and hip hop with elements of reggae and soul by Brother Kamal Imani!

With over 20 spoken word poetry and hip hop tracks, Street Astrologer is a Spoken Word Poetry and Hip Hop Lovers must have. Add dynamic poetic lyricism combined with hip hop, reggae, house and dance beats as well as social commentary and relationship advice. There are poems on every subject from self examination to inspiration to love and war! If you enjoy poetry and rhyme, you will love this album by Internationally known Spoken Word Performance Poet Kamal Imani aka the Street Astrologer!


released November 19, 2015

Produced and Written by Kamal Imani T.Oats Rezawrecktaz Music ASCAP for Bless the Mic Innertainment, RevolutionaryArt Productions!



all rights reserved


Kamal Emanuel Teaneck, New Jersey

Kamal Supreme is an internationally known Hip Hop Legend and dance music producer, spoken word performance poet and hip hop lyricist. Kamal fuses his creative lyricism with dance, Bhangra, Reggae, Dancehall and hip hop beats!
cipherkam@gmail.com or contact Mr. Kevin Barksdale at 201-923-921
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Track Name: I'm A SOUL SURVIVOR!
I’m more than a conqueror I’m a soul survivor
You shouldn’t be hearing my voice right now
The enemy has been coming for me since I was a child
I was let loose into a world of abuse and crack vials
Pimps, prostitutes, con men, pranksters
Hostile gangsters, best friends ending up dead with lead in they heads
They were blood brothers
Cause they discovered anothers turf
Alcohol, coca colos and blunts
Shocking cribs, bullying exploiting punks
Running from popo, scaling fences and walls
Like the world would never end but most of us would fall
Our world was spinning so fast in this land of the lost
I remember fat rob saying “Stop the world I wanna get off”.
Later on I got a wifey and my child was born
Then unemployment and the bills came marching on
Causing tension and stress in my rest
Now I’m hard pressed to get out of this mess
Somebody said try Jesus
So I did my best
And pressed my way
Taking it day by day
Through the aches, pains and storms like hurricanes
I kept my faith and the sunshine came
Through the fire
I rose higher
And I’m here to let you know. The devils a liar
The devil couldn’t take my soul
I’m a soul survivor!

Stranger in a strange land
Trying to be the man that I am
But the enemy got a plan to break down my fam
So every day I turn the bible pages
And get divine light from saints and sages
From genesis to revelations
So although I deal with this business worlds cubicle nation
I’m totally aware of my soul salvation
You can’t break me down
I’ve been unemployed, underemployed and got back up now
The world frowns, but the angels applaud
Cause I’m aligned with the king of kings the lord of lords
I know you was told that religion is a fraud
But a personal relationship with God is the greatest reward.
I was supposed to be dead or in jail but I prevailed
With Christ I rose higher
I’m a soul survivor
Track Name: spoken word, million man march, poetry, justice or else, acapella, underground hip hop, conscious - Million Man March Spoken Word Did You Get the Memo?
See, there comes a time in a mans life, when he goes from being boys to men
He goes from irresponsibilty to responsibility
and I have learned that, all ethnicities work together as a team
in order to survive and to acheive thier dreams
but it seems, that we didn't get the memo
So here you go!
Open up your hearts and minds and receive the memo
The memo says
First we need morality
secondly we need economics, money, financial prosperity
and lastly we need self defense
to protect our people from enemies who have it in their satanic
hearts, to exterminate us and tear us apart!

So now you have it
You have the memo
Man up, woman up
grab it

We're not supposed to be fighting and killing one another
We are one
We are to cultivate and protect our women and children
That's what you should be doing with your guns
get that hate and envy for your brother and sister out or your spirit
The inner voice has the keys to your success but you can only hear it
When you get the devil out of your heart-now clear it!

We are the children of the sun
we're from where it's warm, fruit is born and for the collective
we sacrifice
But we took on the habits of the children of the ice
Where they use the ego, the club, the gun and the knife
to approach and sustain life
We are born in, their culture of sin, so we're paying the price
of being individualistic, narcissistic, egotistic, misogynistic
and this is all we know, so we think it's realistic, but yo...
But we can build a new world
by uniting our minds, hearts, souls, networks and capitalistics!

We will be victorious against this opponent
My people, we were born for this moment!
So Walk together soldiers, don't ya get weary
at times it may get hard---------
but we will be the winners in the end
for we are the Royal Assembly of God!

We need to be one people, That's what it's all about people!

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Available on Itunes, Amazon,Spotify, Tidal, Cdbaby and more 8/26/2015
Track Name: You're My Goddess!
Kamal Imani
Track Name: Kamal Imani Emanuel - Free Download-Bless The Mic! Spoken Word Poetry
Bless The Mic
I woke up this morning when the mic called my name
It said I command you to flow like Gil Scott Heron
and blow like Coltrane
Rap real cool like Don Cornelius on Soul Train
Kick that slick rhetoric like Barack on his campaign
and I understand that you left the world
But I need you to come back in
Redeem spoken word from original sin and make it born again
This mic has been broken and needs oratorical ointment
So come tight with your gift and spit the mic anointment
So I obeyed the callin and I'm here tonight
to kick off this revival right
and bless the mic!

So let us elevate the craft
consecrate the mic and make spoken word last
Lack of unity put the game on a fast
and now it's time for a feast
time to let the poets, priest and saints souls release
as we resurrect the game
So we can transmit the gospel and make it rain
on ghetto, lay folks and intellectual domains
everybodys gonna get lifted tonight
so put on your seat belts
It's time to bless the mic!
Track Name: Free Download Motivational Youth Message-Blast Off!
Blast Off by Kamal Imani

You blasted off from the ejaculation
To be the first to reach the ovum
miraculous conception
you are now here for a purpose and a cause
the world is in your hands bredren
it's yours
you are a spiritual being
descendent of the most high supreme
so step up
take your place on the world scene
blast off

Now sister, don't let him blast off in ya
unless he got a ring on your finger
a degree or certification
or else you gonna end up in a tight situation
blast off

now brother don't blast of and step off
be a man with yours
don't leave your shorty and your seeds alone to fight these wars
blast off
I see some of yall need clarification
the real blast off is the jump off and that's education

cause yo, cats gonna bling, blaze, bang and do they thang

but you gotta innerstand understand and overstand the unseen hand

Cause there's a war going on outside no man is safe from

to get you out of school into the prison industrial system
to make you just a number in the beast computer arteries
or just a tombstone in the cemetary

either way the system gets paid you just a matrix battery

so don't let them stop you
and get out your own way

you keeping real?

Keepin it real is good credit and straight A's
and the world will bow to you and write you a blank check

You'll be too big for pimpin rides and mtv cribs
you'll be rulin the world like Nas and Lauren Hill talked about
and you'll be like yo "that cat kamal was the truth no doubt

Blast off.

Focus on a goal take control and role
let the whole cipher know that you got soul
like the atom in the womb of the universe that grew into the sun
be determined and rise like helium

blast off!


Copyright 2006 Kamal Imani
Track Name: Everything is Possible For Him That Believes- Spoken Word-You're a Miracle!
Yo, trust me, I know what you’re going through
But keep on believing and God will pull you through
You’ll have a breakthrough
And in the meantime, there’s one thing that I want you to do
Take a look in the mirror, you’re a miracle
And The Creator, didn’t make a mistake when he made you.
Out of billions of people on 7 continents No one has your personality
No one has your fingerprint
No one has your talents
So get out of your comfort zone
Don’t let it stay dormant!
Manifest your unique qualities and ingredients
Pick yourself up and live your dreams
Let them know that you’re now on the scene
You’re a miracle yo, do your thing!
You are a spiritual being having a physical reality
Don’t quit the game due to a minor technicality Go hard and play smart
Show the world your revolutionary artGreater than Picasso and Mozart
But you can’t win this race until you start
But Like David and all the prophets you gotta have heart
So don’t be afraid, take your place on the world stage
Your destiny is waiting for you
Resurrect and transform
You are a miracle!