Up in the Attic (Old School Hip Hop Movie Soundtrack)

by Various Artist

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The Up in the Attic Soundtrack will take you back to the 1980's hip hop era. It includes hot hip hop tracks from rap legends like the Crash Crew, Chill Rob G, Lakim Shabazz and more!


released August 30, 2011

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Kamal Emanuel Teaneck, New Jersey

Kamal Supreme is an internationally known Hip Hop Legend and dance music producer, spoken word performance poet and hip hop lyricist. Kamal fuses his creative lyricism with dance, Bhangra, Reggae, Dancehall and hip hop beats!
cipherkam@gmail.com or contact Mr. Kevin Barksdale at 201-923-921
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Track Name: Kamal Imani - You R Genius YoungKidzRemix
A star was born when you came out of your mother's womb
You got smacked by a cold world now you got battle scars and wounds
But it'll be a drag if you let that stop your swag
You just had a little turbulence so shake off the jet lag
You sang that song before, time to make a remix
Transform from the dung of the earth and fly high like a phoenix
You have genius within don't conceal but reveal it
And let your dream vibrate so the whole world can feel it!
Don't sit around with your head down in a comfort zone being content.
While the world is waiting for you to step up and represent!
Cause You are genius!

In Your cranium, you have the same power, that powers the sun. You are pure fire! Electromagnetism.
A bio chemical physical luminary carrying the Akashic DNA of great men and women of history.
So the question becomes, what's your purpose? Who are you?
Cause what man has done, man can do
So take a look in the mirror you're a miracle
And there's nothing in this world that you can't do
When you focus like laser beams
Your dreams will be felt and seen
And when obstacles come on the road
Your head you must hold
Keep your balance
Flow at a steady pace
Stay focused man
Love thyself and keep the faith
Remember everything is a process
And bringing anything to birth will be painful
So give birth to the genius ----- that lives inside of you!
You are Genius!

Don't sit around with your head down in a comfort zone being content.
While the world is waiting for you to step up and represent!
Cause You have genius!
©2012 Kamal Imani T.Oats
To have Kamal Imani speak or perform for your organization contact Mr. Barksdale at 201-923-9213 or contact him via Facebook @ facebook.com/kamal.Imani
Track Name: Kamal Supreme - Old School Reminisce
When I reminisce about the old school!

"I give thanks to the Most High, Cause I used to be the Most High, A street legend in my own mind"
Track Name: Kamal Imani - Keep Going-SpokenWord
Kamal Imani 7/1/2012

There's an unseen force inside of us. We must trust it and tap into it.
Some people call it God! It enables us to keep going.

I was born in Harlem
I don't remember my Father being around much.
I do remember opening the door for 2 men who wore stockings over their faces and carried swords
They robbed our Apartment on Morningside Avenue while my little sister and I were watching Sesame Street
I was 3 and she was 1. They took TV's and Stereos and some other things but they didn't take the little TV that we were watching Big Bird on from us.
My family came home and told me that I shouldn't have unlocked the 6th lock on the door
There were 6 locks on the door.
My victimization process had begun

I've been violated in other ways. That I block out. Because I guess I'm not ready to tell you.
But I will tell you that- I keep going.

At 5 years old we moved to the Bronx. My mother's company Ma Bell was on strike.
She carried me on the pick it line and we sang "We've come along way baby, to get where we are today, We're gonna have to fight now baby, We've come a long long way".
That was my introduction to protest.

My mother worked overtime. We were latch key kids
My mother maxed out on her credit cards at Alexanders Department Store, Buster Browns and Florsheims to make us happy.
I would watch my mother faint in our Bronx apartment more than once.
But she'd come to and get up and keep going.

I used to go to the super market to help ladies carry their grocery bags home. Sometimes I'd get in the cab with them. They'd give me money. That was my introduction to entrepreneurship.
At the age of 7 while playing outside with my friends I was recruited by a gang called the Jr. Black Spades
The police came to my house the next day. They wanted to ask me some questions.
They asked me if I had stole a ladies pocketbook out of her stroller.
I was shakingly scared and I told the truth. No I didn't. They said that's what my friends in the gang told them.
That was my introduction to loyalty and trusting my friends.
So without my friends. I kept going.

At one time we had waterbugs. Big gigantic roaches that would hit the runway on our kitchen floor and fly around the kitchen with the flys. We had mice. I went to a friends house and on their heads were lice. I went outside and a man had a gun to anothers head. They had been shootin dice.
This was an early introduction to life not being so nice.
But I kept going.

My mother fainted again. She taught me the price of sacrifice.
The super of our Bronx tenement building brought her smelling salts again and helped her up.
She later married him. The marriage didn't last long.
But somehow I knew they loved each other.

Without his companionship and financial support and one extra daughter, Once again. My mother kept going.

I was playing with my friends one day and this guy was bullying and I really didn't feel like fighting.
So I ran into the street and a car slammed on it's breaks and it missed hitting me by about an 8th of an inch.
The man was yelling at me. I was crying. Later that day Ms. Thelma told my mother what happened. I didn't even know who Ms. Thelma was. I learned an understanding of community.

My father wasn't around much.

My Grandmother lived in the suburbs out in Englewood NJ. She said that she had to get us out of the inner city.
She brought a house in Teaneck NJ but my mother still had to pay the mortgage, the taxes, the water bill, the garbage bill, the gas and electric, the food, our clothes, the repairs and I would witness despair and she would have nervous breakdowns.
Whatever help she got from family and friends was never quite enough.

But she kept going. She kept going for us.

I was 11. I became a paperboy. I got paper routes with the Teaneck Suburbanite and later the Bergen Record.
I starting buying my own clothes and extra food to help my mother and family out.

As a teenager in the hip hop era, I learned to promote parties. That would bring in money and it was a lot of fun.
I learned marketing 101

I would leave my friends in a split second if I thought we were about to get in too deep in a street situation.
They would get mad and call me names, but I never wanted my mother to receive a call from the police or some one saying that I was either dead or in jail. So even though they called me names and I would loose some friends or street credibility, I would keep going. I was learning to walk my own path. To walk the beat of my own drum.

Some of my friends ended up dead and others in jail.

In life I've tried many things. And in many things I have failed. My mother and Grandmother are physically gone. My father has alzheimers and doesn't really know who I am. I think.

I now have a beautiful highly supportive wife and a sun who gives me energy and makes me laugh.
We have lost a child, lost jobs, lost health due to stress and duress, but we've held on to the unseen hand
and we've continued to do our best.

We did all the things we were supposed to do. Get good grades and finish school. We have certificates and degrees
but still find ourselves in a bad economy.

I've been through poverty. And, now as a self made entrepreur! I vow to live a life of prosperity for sure.

So I keep going!

You must keep going!

There's an unseen force inside of us. We must trust it and tap into it.
Some people call it God! It enables us to keep going.

Terrence Kamal Oats AKA Kamal Imani
(Inspired by Les Brown)
Track Name: Niva feat KamalSupreme - Stop the Violence
Listen carefully
Track Name: Kamal Supreme - Hood Stories Never Have Happy Endings
Hood stories never have happy endings

In the drug game, the agencies that bring keys
to inner cities are the real p.i.m.ps
and the T-h-u-gs that trap thier own ethnicities
causes us to suffer losses are not real bosses
their just H-o-es
cause originally, the p-a-c-t for the b-l-o-ods
and the c-r-i-ps were to protect thier communities
from outside enemies
I came to ressurect Allahs descendants
cause hood stories never have happy endings

Now have you forgot?
On who to lick a shot?
Always pointing at your brother, blastin off glocks
knowing deep in your heart if your foolishness don't stop
you'll never get off your block you gon rot!

So if you gon go out...
Go out as a man
elevating your queen
taking care of your seeds
taking care of your fam
If you gon go out
have a real ass plan

but don't go out as a boy
a juvenile delinquent
a kller of your own people
a black devil
a serpent
cause after you trap
hustle, rise and fall
you'll be lucky to get your name in graffitti on the bodega wall
you'll be luck to get a mural on the projects wall
and the projects are slated for demolition
so what's your legacy gon be?
What's your mission

I came to ressurect Allahs descendants
cause hood stories never have happy endings

Every city up on youtube reppin they set
wavin flags, throwing signs like they the biggest threat
If everybody getting money why they so upset?
blood thirsty
can't wait to see a black man wet
the klu klux klan outta business cause your doing they job
Why don't you be a man and just come up hard
it aint easy being a man in the society
but don't let criminality be your legacy


I came to ressurect Allahs descendants
cause hood stories never have happy endings