by Kamal Imani

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Poetical, lyrical, inspirational, cosmic, funky, vibrational, elevational, motivational spoken word egotistical boosting self esteem you are supreme!
By Kamal Imani aka Kamal Supreme


I Am Exceptional is about you, it's about me, it's about the human potential, it's about inspiration and self love through the vehicle of the Spoken Word (poetry). You will love this peace!

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I Am Exceptional

singing "working hard everyday we do it for the love".

"working hard everyday we do it for the love".

I Am Exceptional
regardless to the enviornment that surrounds
I Am Exceptional
although I have my ups and downs
I Am Exceptional
although I was lost, but now I'm found
You might have prejudged me
but once you get to know me, you'll see that
i'm profound
I'm eternal because my internal soul is solarbound.
I am a person, the word broken down, through sound
I am a vessel, who the unmoved mover works through
I am the best me, here to make you the best you
For we are exceptional

I am exceptional
not trying to be average or equal to other people
don't try to put limits on me
due to your perceived capacity
Average is a curse word
I'd rather be supreme

For I am exceptional

there's so much quantum fluids in my soup bowl
to create original ambrosia for the masses
using my imagination, divine mind, purified gases
taping into vibrations unlimited
trying to use all of my god given talents
while on this eartly pilgrimage

I am exceptional

I am exceptional

"working hard everyday we do it for the love".


released July 18, 2016
Written, Spitten and Produced by Kamal Imani
Bless the Mic LLC
Rezawrectaz Music ASCAP
RevolutionaryArt Productions
New Jersey USA




Kamal Emanuel Teaneck, New Jersey

Kamal Supreme is an internationally known Hip Hop Legend and dance music producer, spoken word performance poet and hip hop lyricist. Kamal fuses his creative lyricism with dance, Bhangra, Reggae, Dancehall and hip hop beats!
cipherkam@gmail.com or contact Mr. Kevin Barksdale at 201-923-921
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