Keep Dreaming America

by Kamal Imani

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"Keep Dreaming America" is inspired by the recent

socio-political atmosphere in America and the need

for communication and unity among the citizens

instead of negative energy exchanges. Spoken Word

Poetry by Kamal Imani over a piano laced slow rap



Alot of people talk bad about the dream but,
that optimism is what got us this far, so let's

keep going. Let's go!

We've all been told a story
about American morals, history and glory
you must remember the fact remains
that everything must change
And if change is the only constant?
Why are you full of resistance?
For change is inevitable, due to natures

We gotta learn to live together
or we gonna die together
so let's be wise together
give mutual respect and rise together
spread our wings and fly together

Cause civil war's not civilized
Why take lives due to societal lies?
How do bitter grown ups look in childrens eyes?
When we don't negotiate, reconcile or sympathize?
Keep dreaming America, cause every one can get a

piece of the pie.
There's always enough demand
and there's really, always enough supply

but it's manipulated from economist on high
who cause the recessions depressions
then through miseducation and media, conquer and

They pit us against each other, and they get
the lionshare
while we have other races, sexes and religions
in the cross hairs
With police and community outreach, no one will

have to be scared.
In any relationship solutions come from

and at the end of the pow wow, all of us are

that we all want the same thing.

The American Dream
Keep dreaming America and fly


released July 28, 2016
Written and Produced by Kamal Imani




Kamal Emanuel Teaneck, New Jersey

Kamal Supreme is an internationally known Hip Hop Legend and dance music producer, spoken word performance poet and hip hop lyricist. Kamal fuses his creative lyricism with dance, Bhangra, Reggae, Dancehall and hip hop beats! or contact Mr. Kevin Barksdale at 201-923-921
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