When The Millions Arrive​-​Hip Hop Poetry Version

by Kamal Supreme

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This is a Sirius Hip Hop and Spoken Word Banger featuring Neo Traditional Spoken Word in the vibration of the Last Poets and Gil Scott Heron but with a banging hip hop beat reminiscent of 50 Cent what? Fire! For the Million Man March Series.


When the Millions Arrive!

Bloods, Crips, Ganster Disciples, M.S 13, El Rukins and all street organizations will see that we are one tribe.
Gangsters, hustlers, bosses and thugs will say “No more homocide”.
The one trick pony open enemy will no longer be able to conquer and divide:
The Black a Moors, Red Black and Greens, Rastas, Nationalist, Traditionalist and Khemites.

When the Millions Arrive!
Rev Chicken Foot and Rev Hogmaw will no longer backslide
They’ll say that that mooslim minista is sho nuff right!
Drug dealers will catch dreams of making cheddar by legal means
Lazarus will wake up and realize that he’s supreme and no longer dead
And he’ll say to Hiram Abiff “Wake up man, You must of bumped yo head”.

When the Millions Arrive!
In this Blackish the world will see the new season of the real empire
In this Blackish the world will see the Mahdi and the real messiah
James Baldwin will see the fire this time
Mumia, Assatta and all political prisoners will see the sun of liberation shine!
As they find, that their time, was not in vain
And the bones shaking in the valley, will come together again.
An, you could hear soul to soul singing “Yellow is the color of sun rain”
And Frankie Beverly and Maze singing
“Joy and Pain is like sunshine and rain, there both one in the same

When the Millions Arrive!
Dr. Wesley Muhammad will be acknowledged for putting an end to ghetto scholarship, while Armchair revolutionaries on youtube will be apologizing to Allah while looking in the skies for the mothership.
Our youth will be getting ready to buy black now
And you can hear the words of Public Enemies Chuck D saying “Shut em down, Shut em Shut em down”.

When the Millions Arrive!
Agents and provocateurs will be setting up traps to make blacks attack blacks
And Sweet Brown will be found emerging from the underground
With her profound sound “Aint nobody got time for that”
“Aint nobody got time for that”
50 Cents and Jah Rule, Drake and Meek Mill will unite
Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim will become mad tight
And this is mad serious and I don’t mean to sound funny but
Rihanna will say to the United Snakes Government “B better have my money!


released September 28, 2015
Written and Produced by Kamal Supreme
Bless the Mic LLC/RevolutionaryARt
ASCAP Rezawrectaz Music



all rights reserved


Kamal Emanuel Teaneck, New Jersey

Kamal Supreme is an internationally known Hip Hop Legend and dance music producer, spoken word performance poet and hip hop lyricist. Kamal fuses his creative lyricism with dance, Bhangra, Reggae, Dancehall and hip hop beats!
cipherkam@gmail.com or contact Mr. Kevin Barksdale at 201-923-921
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